• Specialty PLA Filament, Graphene-enhanced, 400g


    Utilizing Haydale patented HDPlas® Graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) to improve dispersion and bonding within the PLA polymer, enhancing thermal stability, print quality, first layer and Z-axis adhesion.

    • Faster & Better Print Quality - The HDPlas® GNP filament exhibits improved surface finish and print quality with a graphite-looking finish
    • Improved Dimensional Stability - Measurements from printed articles from a number of sources show reduced shrinkage and warpage, leading to increased part accuracy.
    • First Layer and Z-axis Adhesion - The HDPlas® GNP filament demonstrates excellent first and inter-layer adhesion necessary for the production of high-strength industrial parts.
    • Thermal Stability - HDPlas® GNP filament out-performed standard PLA, ABS and PETG and was still stable under a 100g load at temperatures above 90° C, enhancing industrial applications.

    Certified for use in AFINIA H-Series printers and others specific to optimum extrusion temperature. (200-210°C recommended).
    External spool holder required for H800(+). 
    Graphene-enhanced PLA plastic filament (Polylactic Acid)
    Diameter  1.75mm
    Weight 400g  (approx. 160m)
    Extrusion Temperature  200C-210C
    High printing quality
    High strength and layer adhesion

    Note: External spool holder required for use with H800 and H800+