• Specialty PLA Filament - Copper Infused (approx. 300g)


    Afinia specialty filaments offer an exotic variety of materials to 3D print on your Afinia H-Series or other printer that accepts 1.75mm filament.  Varieties such as Copper and Wood PLA filament allow artists and makers to create things of beauty at a touch of a button.

    With Copper, you can create a beautiful antique, patina look on your model by spray painting it with slow drying black spray paint then wiping it quickly leaving the paint in the nooks and crevasses.  Models also may be rubbed with steel wool to create a worn metal look, or left alone for a rich luster.

    Plastic PLA (Polylactic Acid)

    Copper-infused (Non-conductive)
    Diameter 1.75mm +/- 0.04mm
    Length 100m (approx. 300g)
    Extrusion Temperature 190C-240C
    Color Copper
    Certified for use with Afinia H-Series and compatible printers