• Premium Plus ABS Filament, 1000g


    Afinia Premium Plus filament is designed specifically for use in the H800 and H800+ 3D printers (may be used in all Afinia H-Series 3D Printers). The Premium Plus filament is a harder ABS plastic which helps larger models from delaminating between layers. The supports and raft break easily away from your model leaving a fine finish while keeping dimensional accuracy and high tolerances.


    Plastic ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
    Diameter 1.75mm +/- 0.10mm

    Weight 1000g - 400 meters

    Extrusion Temperature 260C-270C

    Color: Green

    Certified for use in Afinia H-Series and compatible printers. Designed specifically for H800 and H800+.

    To use Afinia PLUS1K-ABS filaments with the Afinia H800 or H800+ 3D printer, please use the printed spool holder extension that came in the packaging, or 3D print your own using your Afinia 3D printer and the 1kg spool holder.up3 file that can be downloaded from the link below.

    INSTALLATION (See pictures below):

    Extension printedExtension installed

    To use the PLUS1K filaments with H480 printers (version 02 and above), please download and print this spool holder on your H-series printer: