Mentis Sciences Advanced Educational Toolkit - MSET

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Advanced MSET is a hands-on STEM toolkit that brings science to life in the classroom. The MSET Advanced Unit offers an affordable solution of scaled experiments and introduction to STEM concepts for middle/high school classrooms and college/university laboratories. Each unit comes with base unit tower, ten experiments, and software, manuals, set-up instructions, case studies and grading rubrics loaded onto a USB drive for installation on your chosen hardware (laptop, computer, tablet, etc.). Additional options for purchase include: a hard plastic carrying case and additional experiments.

Features of Intermediate MSET include:

  • Small, portable and easy-to-carry unit
  • Reduces lab space requirements
  • Enhances experiential learning
  • Cost effective solution for hands-on STEM studies
  • Intuitive software for real-time results and data collection
  • Offers USB and Bluetooth connectivity options
  • 10 base unit experiments included
  • 11 additional experiments to purchase as add ons
  • Removable tower from the base unit for expanded testing options

Included Experiments:

  • Calibration
  • Dynamic Impact
  • Density
  • Springs in Series
  • Springs in Parallel
  • 3-Point Flexure
  • Buckling
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Buoyancy
  • Magnetic Force