• Demolition Derby STEM Curriculum Kit


    The Derby Dash STEM for students 8 and older comes with a student workbook, teacher workbook*, battery pack, motor, parts and STL design template files. 

    Students can design, print, assemble and construct with the easy-to-understand step by step workbook. The detailed teaching and activity booklets support the learning process for students, making the design process easy to understand and follow. Every student needs to know what time it is in the morning so they won't be late for school. In this project, students will design, print and then build their very own Derby Dash! This is a great STEM project for teachers to further teaching on topics such as electric motors, gears, kinematics and basic principles of physics, such as the conservation of energy.


    Each pack includes:

    Electric toy car kit(s)
    Student workbook(s)
    Base STL file (students build their design upon the base STL file)
    Example concept STL file (to 3D print and assemble an example project)
    *Teachers guidebook (for class packs of 6 and above)
    Example STEM class lessons include:

    Electric motors (how they work etc).
    Gears (different types of gears and the relationship between them).
    Pulleys and belts (applications where they are used)
    Mathematics (velocity and relative velocity, distance/time etc).
    Physics (basic principles such as conservation of energy, forces etc).
    Vehicle safety (importance of seatbelts etc)

    Kit excludes batteries