• EZ Robot Shell-E 3D Printed Robot Kit


    Learn how to use the kit for 3-D printing, building, and programming with The Robot Program

    Teach your students to become creative thinkers with our new Shell-E Innovation Kit. The Shell-E Innovation Kit promotes creativity and STEAM learning by empowering students to design and 3-D print their own robot. Through innovation and engineering design, students bring their vision to life using the EZ-B IoTiny robot controller. From facial recognition to audio interaction, students learn about computational thinking while coding practical solutions to complex problems.

    Educators have the opportunity to integrate 3-D printing technology and accessories into outcomes for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Teaching and learning experiences are supported through available lessons and design challenges.

    Students are able to engage with the design and printing process as they watch their robot shell become reality. Expand student creativity and practical CAD skills through customizable shell designs that can be printed to fit the bottom chassis. The estimated 3-D print time is 9 hours for the example top shell chassis and 4.5 for the example bottom chassis and servo clips.

    The robot assembly uses pressure-fit connections to minimize necessary tools and reduce safety risks in the classroom, particularly for younger students. Teach students about electronics hardware as they connect the EZ-B IoTiny robot controller to the powerful EZ-B v4 camera and the 360 HDD servos. Students can get creative with the LED antennae for additional fun and engagement.

    Kit Contents:
    The Shell-E kit utilizes the following materials:
    • 1 x EZ-B IoTiny
    • 1 x EZ-B v4 Camera (without ABS plastic shell)
    • 2 x Continuous Rotation HDD Servo
    • 1 x Servo Wheel (2 Pack)
    • 1 x 6xAA Battery Holder
    • 2 x Wired Blue LEDs