• EinScan Pro HD Reverse Engineering Bundle


    Includes Einscan Pro HD, Industrial Pack, Geomagic Essentials Software, Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition

    With Geomagic Essentials and Industrial Kit

    The Latest All-in-One Solution for Reverse Engineering

    Scan with the EinScan HX or EinScan Pro HD multi-functional handheld 3D scanner to get high-quality 3D data. It is easier than ever before to convert your 3D scans to CAD in Geomagic Essentials. Use the powerful design tool Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition to complete your design for 3D printing and manufacturing.

    Geomagic Essentials

    Geomagic Essentials is the fundamental bridge between 3D scanning and design. Geomagic Essentials processes scan data in a way that makes it compatible with your native CAD workflow. This makes it the ideal solution for scan-to-print and downstream-reverse-engineering applications.



    Solid Edge Shining 3D

    As a new generation of digital innovation platforms, Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition includes reverse engineering, generative design, and simulation together with CAD tool in one platform.

    Complete Scan-to-CAD Workflow