• EinScan Pro 2X 3D Scanner 2020


    This multi-functional 3D scanner can be used in handheld modes, or with a tripod and turntable for automatic scanning. Using safe, white light LED scanning, the EinScan-Pro 2X rapidly captures and delivers watertight 3D data of real objects for 3D printing, or non-watertight data for reverse engineering applications. With its ergonomic design, and weighing only 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg), the multi-functional 3D scanner is portable and fit for any duration of handheld scan. An optional external camera is also offered to enable full-color 3D scanning.

    The scanner has four scan options:  1) Handheld Rapid Scan for portable, rapid scanning, 2) Handheld HD Scan for capturing objects with high accuracy (45 microns), 3) Fixed Scan with turntable (Optional Industrial Pack - Tripod/Turntable required), 4) Fixed Scan with a tripod for scanning larger objects.

    Use for high-quality reverse engineering, scanning industrial parts, sculptures, human bodies, and more.  Triangulation and structured light projection ensure high accuracy.

    In handheld mode, scan speed is 30 frames/second, while automatic scan and free scan modes are less than 1 second.  Handheld HD Scan captures at 10 frames/second.

    Bundled with Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition CAD software, a design tool from SIEMENS PLM Software, allows reverse engineering and design from scan data with the ability to export to Solidworks or other CAD programs.