• Dobot Magician Sliding Rail Kit


    1 extra meter brings you endless possibilities! As Dobot Magician‘s official accessory, the sliding rail kit expands its functioning space to a new level. With interchangeable toolheads and a graphical programming environment, you’ll design complicated workflows like a pro. From organizing objects, to writing a long letter, this simple accessory creates endless opportunities.

    Sliding Rail – A whole piece of steel created with high precision CNC milling, and it runs like silk.

    Tool Kit – A full set of hex screwdrivers, simple and safe.

    Wire Set – Tank-like crawler design, combining both organizing capability and flexibility.


    Payload 5 kg
    Effective Travel Distance 1000 mm
    Maximum Speed 150 mm/s
    Maximum Acceleration 150 mm/s²
    Repeat positioning accuracy 0.01mm
    Absolute positioning accuracy 0.25mm
    Net Weight 4.7KG
    Weight (including packing) 7.23KG
    Dimension(Lenth × Width × Height) 1320mm × 120mm × 55mm