• Afinia H440 3-D Printer


    The Afinia H440 3D printer is perfectly built with ease of use, safety, and reliability combined in its elegant design that will fit on any desktop. The printer produces dimensionally-accurate plastic parts for education, design, or engineering applications.
    The printer is fully-enclosed with a built-in, recirculating HEPA 7 air filtration system which continually cleans the air in the enclosure of particulates and odors as the model is printing. The H440 also has power failure protection.  If power is cut to the printer, it will remember where it left off and allow you to finish the print after power resumes. If the printer runs out of filament, it will pause allowing the user to replace the filament and continue the print.
    The Afinia H440 3D printer has a large touchscreen display, built-in WIFI, and USB 2.0 connection to allow the system to be operated either locally or remotely.  The new Afinia 3D Studio software allows prints to be sent not only from PC or Mac, but also from iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones.  A print queue allows multiple users to submit jobs simultaneously, while giving admin control to the teacher or administrator. 
    The H440 platform has auto-leveling and nozzle-height detection.  The H440 allows for custom temperature setting of the nozzle and heated platform for printing not only ABS and PLA, but other 3rd party materials requiring different temperatures.

    Included accessories:

    USB Cable 
    1 Roll Filament (500g), White
    Allen Wrench and spare screws 
    Extruder Wrench 
    Flex/Perf Board
    Gloves - 1 Pair
    Setup Guide

    Build Envelope - 7.9" W x 7.9" D x 7.9" H (200 x 200 x 200 mm)
    Print Quality - 0.10mm (100 micron), 0.15 mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm
    Heated Platform - Auto-Leveling and Nozzle Height Detection
    Smart Support - Support material automatically created by 3D printer software, which can be edited
    Safety - Built-in HEPA7 air filter removes microfine particles; Fully-Enclosed
    Display - Large Color Touchscreen Display
    Lighting - LED chamber lighting
    Dimensions - 19" W x 17" D x 22" H (482 x 431 x 558 mm)
    Weight - 49 lbs (22 kg)
    Power - 110-220VAC, 50-60Hz, 90W
                - with Power Failure Protection (resume the print after power is restored)
    Connectivity - WIFI or USB 2.0
    Consumables - 1.75mm ABS or PLA Plastic Filament (Included: 1 x 500g spool of White Premium ABS)
                             - Out-of-Filament switch to pause printer
    Software - Windows (10/11) 32/64 bit and MAC OSX, iOS (iPad/iPhone)